Download YoWhatsApp Gold, another of the most powerful mods

Download YoWhatsApp Gold, another of the most powerful mods

The list of WhatsApp mods is very diverse and among them there is YoWhatsApp Gold, another alternative to the official application with which you will be able to enjoy multiple features that you will not find in WhatsApp, thus becoming one of the most advanced mods.

This type of program is not meant to be used permanently but to be used temporarily, you should not misuse it because WhatsApp can detect that you are using mods and deciding to kick you out because that's one of the reasons WhatsApp can kick you out.

In any case, you can try YoWhatsApp Gold, but once you launch and register your name, you won't be able to use the official app until you re-register your phone number, because you can only have one WhatsApp instance open.

What you find in YoWhatsApp Gold

Mods offer features that WhatsApp doesn't have and in the case of YoWhatsAPP Gold you can have access to all possibilities:

  1. Themes: this mod offers different themes so you can customize the classic WhatsApp interface with a different design, both in terms of colors and the fonts themselves.
  2. Privacy options: among them there is an option to show the phrase "online" in the main window, the possibility of hiding the last connection, hiding having seen the WhatsApp statuses of your contacts, the impossibility of deleting the messages you send, etc.
  3. Possibility of sending multiple images and videos: the current limit of sending 10 photos at the same time is eliminated and becomes 90 and the size of the videos that can be sent can go up to 30 MB.
  4. Anti-ban: YoWhatsApp Gold includes, like other mods, a system that prevents WhatsApp from detecting it as an unofficial app and is ban-proof, so you will hardly be banned.
  5. Voice notes: you can activate an option to eliminate continuous playback of audios.
  6. Call support: YoWhatsApp Gold also includes support for WhatsApp calls.

Among other options, in YoWhatsApp Gold you can also hide archived chats, download WhatsApp statuses from your contacts, have a higher limit for deleting sent messages (100 days), the ability to hide yourself when you are online, when you write, when to record a voice memo, etc.

  1. Download YoWhatsApp Gold apk for Android

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