How to create and restore backup of all files on my Android phone

However, when you do this restoration, there is usually a common fear and it is our information or various changes made previously. But there is a way to not lose all of this and that is by making a backup copy and with it, many of our files and settings are safeguarded, so that we don't have to recover them later.

If you are looking to backup your phone, here we will show you a fairly effective and simple way to do it, without the need to suffer from it. You can find several ways to make this copy, but they all go to different regardless of whether you are a root user or less.

How to create and restore backup of all files on my Android phone

Using Google Drive to create backups

One of the most popular and recommended by other users is the use of Google Drive. This option allows you to save any type of data, from images, contacts, device settings, photo and even videos, which you can upload to your own cloud in safety. To use it, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to your mobile's general settings, then locate within the application Google.
  2. Next, go to the tab that says " Back up "
  3. Once there, you need to look for the option that says “Create a backup now”, different options and settings will appear, where you can specify what information you want to include there or what you need to restore from your other devices.
  4. Once you have finished these settings, you just have to press " accepts ”And everything will be ready for saving your data in the Google Drive cloud.

When you've made all the changes to your phone or it's in your hands, your new one phone, you just need to enter your account google, to kick off the new initial configuration.

This setup will be accompanied by those things that you have saved in your cloud in the account Google Drive. You will only have to restore it to be able to enjoy all the data you had before. It is also important that you know that you should regularly free up space in your Google Drive account so that you can continue to enjoy its features without any problems.

How to create and restore backup of all files on my Android phone

Using Migrate as an alternative to create and restore backup

Migrate application is one of the most sought after alternatives by many users who cannot use Titanium Backup. Its functionality and interface is quite simple, as well as providing its users with the ease of running their own backup

Here you can include hundreds of applications and settings information, adding SMS, call list and contacts.

To set up your backup, you just need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the application and select " Backup ".
  2. Once the application is open, you need to start choosing which of all the applications within yours phone include in the backup list. To save all settings and adjustments made.
  3. Once you have completed the list of applications you want to save, all you have to do is press " read more “, Then move the files in .zip and transfer them to the microSD card.
  4. When finished, everything will be ready within the application and safeguarded so that during the recovery all applications will be as before.
  5. It is important to remember that when installing a new ROM, the firmware and all Google apps must be flashed. All this because it is a very necessary process to complete the whole security of backup
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