How to disable visual effects in Windows 10 to improve performance

The visual effects are very beautiful and elegant, no one can deny it. However, these consume resources from our system, which can be used for more important things or for the operating system itself to run faster.

This is something that is highly regarded in low-end computers with limited hardware. But you will find that on most computers when you turn off all visual effects, performance improves dramatically.

How to disable visual effects in Windows 10 to improve performance

So if you want to improve the performance of Windows 10. You have to start with the basics and one of those things is disable visual effects of the operating system. Fortunately, doing this is extremely simple and won't take too long.

After that, you will be able to see a detailed tutorial so that you can configure the Windows visual effects to your liking. Whether you want to disable all of them or just some. We will explain how to get to this section and advise you which ones you should never opt out of.

Disable visual effects in Windows 10

  • The first thing to do is to press " Windows + R ".
  • Now in the window " Run "What we will have to do is write" sysdm.cpl "To open another window which will be the window" Property of system".
  • Here we will go to the file " Advanced options "And we will have to choose the option" Performances "And click" Settings ”To open a new window.
  • In this window you will be able to appreciate all the visual effects present in the operating system. What you can do is click " Adjust for best performance ”Which disables absolutely everything.
  • Then you just have to click on " Apply "And then on" OK “, It is not necessary to restart the computer to be able to appreciate the changes. However, in case you want to do it, you can do it without a problem.

Disable visual effects in Windows 10 to improve performance

In my case I keep almost everything disabled, as there are two options that seem essential to me to continue using the computer comfortably. These effects don't affect performance much and you may want to keep them active.

The first is " Show thumbnails instead of icons ”If you disable this option you will not be able to preview the images or videos you have on your computer. Instead you will see predefined icons, something that can be annoying and even waste time.

Another option to keep selected is " Smooth edges for screen fonts ". Because if you don't, the letters will be quite pixelated and on many occasions it will be difficult for you to read comfortably.

How to disable visual effects in Windows 10 to improve performance

This way we can free up system resources to improve their performance. These resources can be used in other more important activities or to play your favorite game. Likewise, these options can be turned on and off as often as needed.

This allows us to customize the visual effects of the computer to our liking. You can play around with the options until you get a balanced setup or just turn everything off in case you don't care about special effects.

Remember that if you have any questions about how to disable windows 10 visual effects to improve system performance. You can leave it a little further down in the comment box and we will be happy to help you solve any problems you have.

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