How to get a clubhouse invite: all forms

Clubhouse is an audio chat social network launched in 2020 by Alpha Exploration Co that has quickly gained popularity and amassed many users in various parts of the world. However, we are talking about a platform that stands out for its exclusivity and not easy to access. For this same reason, today we will tell you all the ways to get a Clubhouse invite. Enter as soon as possible!

Currently, Clubhouse has over one million registered users. The issue of exclusivity has been fundamental for many people interested in having access to this social network. Furthermore, the combination of streaming content and podcasts is very striking. As you may have guessed, we are talking about a new and totally innovative platform.

How to get a clubhouse invite: all forms

How to access the Clubhouse

So you can receive an invitation to the Clubhouse

Before you go, you should be clear that even if you don't have a Clubhouse invitation, you can register and reserve the username you want to use on the social network. can do it from the official app in a few moments. If you still don't have it on your mobile, you can quickly download it in the Google Play Store from the button below these lines.

If you want to receive an invitation to this exclusive social network, then you will have to apply one of these methods.

With the waiting list

The first option you have to enter the platform is to join the official Clubhouse waiting list. When you log into the app and register your name, associated with your phone, you will be able to enter the official waiting list of this social network. So far, this is one of the most used methods of accessing the platform.

The waiting list delivers invitations every day e after a while Clubhouse will formally invite you without you having to do anything. These invitations typically take weeks to arrive. For this reason, you should have some patience if you choose this method of accessing the social network.

Close your a social network

How to get a clubhouse invite: all forms

Clubhouse, the exclusive audio-only social network available only on iOS

If any of your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook friends are in the Clubhouse, you can request that someone invite you. Because? Because each user has two, three or four invitation codes. Thanks to this, if a friend who follows you on one of the aforementioned social networks is a Clubhouse user, there is a high probability that they have an invitation for you.

Get a chain of free invitations

While it is somewhat elaborate, there is also the option of access the Clubhouse through a chain of free invitations. You can do this on Reddit if you comment by requesting an invite, the internal user invites you to the Clubhouse and then you have to follow the chain by inviting the next person to comment on the list. By doing this process, many people can easily join this unique platform.

How to get a clubhouse invite: all forms

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Purchase an invitation

Of all the methods in this guide, this may be the one you want to use the least. However, anyone with around $ 30 can purchase a Clubhouse invite immediately and legitimately. Of course, you have to be very careful as there are people who take advantage of the scam with these invitations. In addition, it should be noted at the end of the trial period that invitations will no longer be required to enter the Clubhouse.

eye! Clubhouse is currently only available on iOS. However, you can be sure it will arrive on Android soon.

And you, which method did you like the most?

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