How to increase font size in WhatsApp Web

How to increase font size in WhatsApp Web

Web WhatsApp is a perfect tool to be able to communicate with our contacts without having to have our mobile always connected, so using the web version we can do it more easily when we are on the computer, but what if you want to change the font size? Let's see how to do it, as it is possible to do it, and we will teach you how to do it.

Computer screens are always much larger than a mobile screen, so the WhatsApp web interface can become very small when we do it from 2K panels or with higher resolutions, so we will have to increase the size of the letter to be able to read in a way more comfortable the messages we send and receive.

Change the font size of WhatsApp Web

In order to be able to change the font size of WhatsApp on mobile devices, we will do it from app settings and in the «Chat» section we can change the font size between small, medium or large. In the case of WhatsApp Web we will have this option, but it is a very creative way to increase the font size.

increase font size of WhatsApp Web, we will only use the web zoom trick, that is, we will increase the browser zoom and automatically increase the font size and all elements will increase in size, regardless of the browser. use, it will work in everything.

To change the zoom of WhatsApp Web or any other website, we will only have to press the «Ctrl» key on the keyboard and use the mouse wheel. If we are in Chrome, a box will appear at the top of the window indicating the zoom we have applied, as we can see in the image below:

In this way we will be able to increase the font size of whatsapp web with the simple zoom trick of the browser, because in this way we will be able to see all the elements of WhatsApp Web much larger, profile images, photos, texts, messages and much more.

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