Is it possible to get the WhatsApp Code by Mail?

Is it possible to get the WhatsApp Code by Mail?

One of the first things we usually do when we buy a new Smartphone is to install WhatsApp in order to be in touch with our closest family and friends. The problem is when we recently changed country or phone number and we can't verify the code by QR or it just doesn't reach us and we have to activate our account without it. This is where some questions arise and to try and resolve this incident and one of them is whether it is possible get whatsapp code by mail, because in this Green Android article you will get rid of any doubts in seconds.

Is it possible to receive the WhatsApp code by email?

NO, it is not possible to send the WhatsApp code to the email. Any news organization, digital newspaper, website or YouTube channel that demonstrates that this is possible for you he's lying and he's just doing it to get visitors.

What does the official website say about receiving WhatsApp verification code by mail?

In fact, it's as easy as logging into the Q&A section of the official WhatsApp website to clearly find out what the company thinks about it.

Why is there any media showing that WhatsApp code can be obtained by mail?

There is an increase every day of news media (especially Spam websites that are named very similarly) who are dedicated to creating fake tutorials. The reason: giving an invented answer to a question that a user asks in the search engine that has no solution, all this to gain visits.

You just need to use a keyword analysis tool to find out the number of times a user performs similar searches per month.

In this way it is possible to take the user to a made-up tutorial where the answer to the question posed is totally false.

If you are curious in our blog we have already talked about other fake tutorials that created this kind of spam web so here we leave you some of the topics they cover:

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Now you know that receiving the WhatsApp code via email is impossibleDon't be fooled by these kind of websites and YouTube channels, your time is very precious.

If you have ever felt scammed by this type of media, you can share your experience in the comments below to help other users. Remember that another way to help you is to share this article with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much!.

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