Uninstalling Whatsapp from time to time is good - this is the reason

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, friends of your privacy. Losses with its users' data, Zuckerberg's passivity to apply measures that solve privacy concerns, and the loss of trust on the part of its users and shareholders seem to be the perfect cocktail for advise against using apps previously. The security of Facebook in particular has been under discussion for months, specifically, since the social network was involved in the scandal that caused the data leakage of millions of users.

Uninstalling Whatsapp from time to time is good - this is the reason

WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, thanks to the purchase of the messaging service for 19 billion dollars, so the two go hand in hand, for better or for worse. Zuckerberg's social network exceeds 2 billion daily active users and may have more privacy concerns than you know. Uninstalling WhatsApp from time to time can be a great practice if you are one of those looking to safeguard your security on the network, and we will explain why.

The reason why you should uninstall WhatsApp from time to time

As we could read on the BBC, recent research has revealed that despite the encryption of WhatsApp conversations, leave a trace on our smartphone, and you can access it without too much trouble. Jonathan Zdziarski, a cybersecurity expert, said that though we eliminate conversations, the conversation record is not deleted from the original database, which leaves content that can be accessed in the event of an attack.

Basically, encryption is just a word that describes the difficulty of accessing WhatsApp conversations, but the chances of doing so increase every time. Richard Cassidy, cybersecurity expert.

By accessing this content, you could recover most of the files that we would have supposedly deleted, or even rebuild the content through the residues that are stored in the WhatsApp registry. A weakness in application security that could lead to another massive data breach scandal, such as the one that affected more than 6,8 million users just a few days ago on Facebook.

How to protect the WhatsApp registry

Uninstalling Whatsapp from time to time is good - this is the reason

In the opinion of the experts, there is only one way to delete this track from the phone and our PC, and it's as simple as uninstall WhatsApp from time to time. In doing so, all these temporary files that allowed access to the conversations disappear, so uninstalling the application with some frequency, at least we do not have full access to our chats. On the other hand, and despite the problem that this can entail for the practicality of the app, recommend disabling cloud backups, so that when you delete the application there is no trace of the data that was in it.

Unorthodox measures to solve Facebook's core application problem, privacy. The latest scandals increase distrust of the company, which is going through its worst moment in terms of image, and will have to work hard to do so to avoid the millionaire loss of users it has been experiencing for some time now.

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