How to connect WhatsApp Web on Android

How to connect WhatsApp Web on Android

WhatsApp is our favorite application to be able to communicate with our friends, family or business contacts. Surely you know that it is possible to use WhatsApp from your computer using the web version of WhatsApp, without the need to install anything, simply using a browser and your mobile, so we will show you how to connect whatsapp web on android.

If you are an Android mobile user, this article will show you how to access WhatsApp Web using your mobile phone, in this way you will be able to talk to all your contacts from your computer without always having to have your mobile above you and you will be able to take advantage of the advantages that this entails.

Some time ago one of the most awaited functions by all users arrived on WhatsApp and that is that now WhatsApp in its beta version is multi-device, this means that you will not always have to have your mobile connected because your WhatsApp account will be synchronized on different devices and you can use it independently, just like Telegram works.

Connect WhatsApp Web on Android quickly and easily

To connect whatsapp web on android you will have to follow the steps that you will see below, you will only need your mobile phone with an internet connection and your favorite browser on a computer.

  1. The first step will be log into the WhatsApp website.

Web: WhatsApp Web

  1. Then open WhatsApp on your mobile.
  2. Now click menu icon, the three dots you have at the top right.

  1. Toccata «Paired devices».

  1. A green button called «Connect device», you will have to press it.

  1. Now you have to scan the QR code from your computer that appears on the website you accessed previously.

  1. When you scan the code , your WhatsApp will appear on the computer and from now on you can talk to whoever you want from your computer and leave your cell phone somewhere else.

È so that you can connect your WhatsApp account from your Android mobile to WhatsApp Web and use the messaging app from a computer, as it is much more comfortable and faster, in addition to the fact that you will have less distractions with your mobile phone and you will be much more efficient.

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