How to connect WhatsApp Web on iPhone

How to connect WhatsApp Web on iPhone

Connect WhatsApp Web with iPhone it's a simple procedure, you just have to follow about two or three steps so that your profile is synchronized with the web service and you can start writing via your computer, as long as your mobile is nearby.

There is nothing more comfortable than that chat on WhatsApp from your computer using WhatsApp Web, even if you also have the desktop app, even if the process of connecting or linking from the iPhone was the same, a connection that is then saved.

Operating WhatsApp Web couldn't be simpler, capture a QR code with your iPhone and the session magically opens on your computer to start using the web service. These are the steps you should take:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone e tap «settings». Then tap » devices coupled".

  1. Within , click on “connect a device”.

  1. Now you will have to put your fingerprint to verify that it is really you, it is a security measure to prevent another person who may have your phone from synchronizing by opening a new session on WhatsApp Web.

  1. Then a open WhatsApp Web on your PC, take your phone and point to the QR code you see on your computer screen, the session opens immediately.

In this simple way you will have connected your iPhone to Web WhatsApp, remember that the mobile must be turned on, have an Internet connection and be nearby, otherwise WhatsApp Web will stop working, even if it does not happen in the future.

And it is that the multi-device mode of WhatsApp, which is now in beta, wants to eliminate this very possibility, that of not depending on the main mobile to use WhatsApp Web, a novelty along with other WhatsApp novelties that we will see soon.

Open sessions are noted there and this lets you know if there is another location where WhatsApp is open to close it and just be left with the current WhatsApp session, although just because they look different doesn't mean they're all active, only you can use WhatsApp Web in only one instance at a time.

Just as you can connect WhatsApp Web on your iPhone, you can also do it in almost the same way if you have an Android phone, all to give you the convenience of chatting from your computer while you're using it.

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