How to send my WhatsApp via QR code EASY

How to send my WhatsApp via QR code EASY

QR codes are those images that allow you to store encrypted data which, despite being a bit strange at first, are now part of our daily life. Thanks to them we can interact with our environment through our Smartphone and get a lot of information just by using our camera on our smartphone. And there are many things we can do thanks to this archiving system, one of these (and little known by users) is the possibility of send our WhatsApp number via QR code, in this Green Android tutorial we explain how to do it quickly and easily.

How to send my WhatsApp contact by QR code Easy and fast 2022

send my WhatsApp number via QR code, the first thing we have to do is enter our favorite messaging client and select the 3 vertical lines at the top right.

In the resulting menu we enter the section that says "Settings".

Once inside "Settings" we're going to look at the top, if you focus your attention to the top all the way to the right side you'll see the QR code icon, let's go inside.

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How to send my WhatsApp contact via QR code

In this section we will see the code where our phone number will be stored, if you look at the top right you will see a social network icon where you will have the possibility to send your phone whatsapp via qr code.

If we have performed the previous steps well we will see how we now have the possibility of sending items to various social networks, we choose whatsapp.

How to send my phone WhatsApp via QR code step by step

  1. On the next screen we must select the contact to which we want send our WhatsApp number via QR code.
  2. Once chosen, we will click on the icon «Send».

First di send our WhatsApp number via QR code, we will have the possibility to modify some aspects such as adding text, emoticons or drawing a drawing. Once we have it the way we want it, we just have to click «Send».

And voila, you already know how send your WhatsApp via QR code, separately, in addition to the photo with the code, you will send a direct link so you can add your phone quickly and easily.

If you have any questions with this tutorial you can always leave me a message and I will try to resolve your question as soon as possible. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks, it will allow you to help other people who have the same problems as you before coming to this tutorial… Thanks a lot!

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