How to underline and strikethrough in WhatsApp

How to underline and strikethrough in WhatsApp

In WhatsApp can underline and strikethrough text that you send in a conversation with your contacts, although it is not the only format that you can apply to the text, so we will tell you the steps to follow to be able to send the text in this way if you need it sometimes.

WhatsApp makes it easier to strikethrough text to send, if you want to emphasize this you must leave WhatsApp looking for another utility or website that allows us to apply this format to the text and then send it in the conversation because the app does not have that function implemented.

Although you can underline and strikethrough, in WhatsApp you can also bold or italicize texts easily and quickly through at least two different methods, although you will probably use this possibility very little in your conversations.

Delete on WhatsApp

Deleting is easy in WhatsApp, you can do it using two methods, putting a symbol before and after the word or phrase you want to strike out, or write the full text in the conversation text box and then select all or part of it to format it.

If you choose the first option, what you have to do is put the ~ symbol before and after, this is applicable to WhatsApp for mobile, but also if you write from WhatsApp or in the desktop version. When you enter it, you'll see a preview of the text before it's sent.

Now, it may happen that over time you forget that symbol and you can do something else, for which you should follow these steps to put strikethrough as well:

  1. Open the conversation and write the text. Now Select the text you want to strikethrough and in the case of iOS, a menu with the letters BIU opens.

  1. Click that option and select "strikeout", the text will now be strikethrough and you can submit it like this, if you really look at what happened is that the symbol we mentioned above was added.

Underline using a web

We don't know why WhatsApp doesn't provide the option to add a symbol to put before and after a text to underline it, but the option to underline doesn't even appear in the format menu. Therefore, you have to resort to a website, these are the steps you should follow:

  1. Enter the web that we leave you below.

Web: Piliapp

  1. Write your text in the box above, select "underlined" in the options and below you will see the final result, all you have to do is copy and paste that text into WhatsApp.

It's a more cumbersome method, but it's also the only way to underline a text in WhatsApp because the function doesn't officially exist. You can open the web on your mobile or PC, depending on where you usually chat on WhatsApp, from both your smartphone and the PC version.

We'll have to see if WhatsApp facilitates even more the possibility of cross out and underline text in the future because until now it's a cumbersome feature to use, but it will probably include other kinds of new features first besides improving the text format options.

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