WhatsApp is the most used messaging client globally, day after day we send a multitude of messages, photos and videos. The truth is that the application works quite well is preferably used for large amount of information that manages, however sometimes it is possible that the app has problems. On more than one occasion my users have sent me emails telling me literally «I can't send videos via WhatsApp», that's why we will see the possible solutions al error message «Could not process video, please come back to try again later.

Why can't I send videos via WhatsApp?

Se WhatsApp does not send videos, the solution may be more common sense than anything since i problems sending videos via whatsapp can be summarized in 4 fundamental aspects.

  1. The device date and time are not set correctly.
  2. Your terminal presents connectivity problems (be it WiFi or data).
  3. La microSD is corrupted or damaged.
  4. There is not enough space on the SD card.

The date and time are incorrect

When send videos via whatsapp must have the time and date configured correctly on your device, as it is possible that you have problems in this messaging application because the application is not able to verify this data.

Connectivity Issues

Why can't I send videos on WhatsApp?

Another possible solution to your problem «I can't send videos on WhatsApp» is to have problems with your internet connection. This is the most common problem when you receive the error message «WhatsApp video could not be processed». Could it be that your WiFi has problems or simply that yours mobile data is unstable at that time. It WhatsApp does not send videos, try again later or contact your operator.

The microSD is damaged

This problem also has a easy fixis WhatsApp won't let me send photos or videos, try with another microSD you have in your house to see if it has been fixed. In case you don't have any, remove the supposedly damaged microSD and see if you still have problems sending videos via whatsapp, since not having a microSD you will use the internal memory of the terminal.

Not enough space in internal memory

Se i can't send videos via whatsapp on my samsung or similar, not having microSD we will have to free up storage space. Try to delete photos and videos from gallery that you no longer want and see if it fixes.

Problems with WhatsApp servers

You may not be able to send videos through the app why WhatsApp is not available today you can check this article for find out if the servers are unavailable right now.

Clear cache and data of WhatsApp

If you keep showing problems sending videos via WhatsApp, another one possible solution is to clear the application data and cache. For this we have to go to the following path:

  • Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Storage> Clear data and cache.

That will reset WhatsApp to factory settings and will send us the verification code again.

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I hope you have found one solution to your question about «I can't send videos on WhatsApp». Remember you can always message me if you have any questions, I promise to answer them. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks if it was helpful to you, please, it helps me a lot.

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