My WhatsApp audios can't be heard Solution?

My WhatsApp audios can't be heard Solution?

Le note audio WhatsApp is one of the most used options in this messaging client as we can record a piece and send it to any contact, this can then send as much information in a short period of time and the truth is that they work quite well. The problem is that on some occasions they have come to complain that i my whatsapp audios are not heard and I didn't know how to fix it… until now. That's why I thought it interesting to make this Android tutorial with some tips that you can follow to solve this problem.

Why are my WhatsApp audios not heard? 2022

The origin of this incident is usually due to a wide variety of reasons, but they usually indicate that you have a problem with:

  • Your phone case covers the microphone.
  • Problem with microphone permissions in WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp cache and data issues.

What to do if my WhatsApp audios are not heard? (Solution) 2022

He whatsapp audio notes are not heard, I will give you a series of recommendations that you should follow to solve this problem. Follow the order they are shown and if one doesn't work for you, go to the next.

Can't hear the WhatsApp voice messages you send?, check your case

Yes, it may sound silly but the first thing you should do if WhatsApp audio is not heard è check that the cover does not cover the microphone. It happens more frequently than you think and is that both buying a cheaper cover and buying another model by mistake can lead to these kinds of problems.

WhatsApp audio notes not heard?, Check microphone permissions

It is possible that while installing WhatsApp microphone permission has not been activated therefore it will be impossible to send the voice notes correctly to our contacts. To check that you do not have the WhatsApp microphone muted, we must go to "Settings" of our phone.

Once inside we enter «Applications».

We search for WhatsApp and access the application.

In this section we enter «Permissions».

We verify that we have the microphone activated.

Can't hear your audio notes on WhatsApp?, Clear the cache

If all of the above didn't work for you, you may have problems with the cache and application data. To solve it we need to get into "Settings".

So let's get into «Applications».

Once inside we enter "Whatsapp".

We log in to "Storage Space".

Let's «Delete Data» e «Delete Cache» (remember to make a backup of Android or at least of your chats first).

This method is very effective for fixing WhatsApp issues.

I hope that after following this tutorial le WhatsApp audio notes are played again. If it didn't work for you, you can comment your experience in the comments and don't forget to share this article with your social networks… Thank you very much!

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