How to Report Someone on Twitter

How to Report Someone on Twitter

For some time now, know how to report someone on twitter it has become a necessity for some users or people who, for one reason or another, have been unjustly harmed or harmed by other users who roam freely and violate the policies of the Twitter service. Well, if you need to know how to report someone on twitter and you don't know how to do it? Don't worry… Here at How-to Resources we are here to help you and that is why we have prepared a how-to guide so you can know how to file a complaint on Twitter, be it for name calling, abuse, harassment and many other reasons which unfortunately damage this online social communication service.

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Before denouncing on Twitter | First clarifications

  • Every major online service has certain general usage policies, and Twitter certainly isn't escaping it. For this, and even if it always seems like a trifle, it is necessary to review in this case Twitter rules e the terms of service to know how to proceed and develop smoothly and logically, this should be done even more on Twitter, when it is not clear: what is reportable on twitter? e what is unreportable on twitter? .
  • Of course, it should be noted that Twitter takes very seriously the complaints issued by users or people who, unfortunately, have had to face a problem that afflicts them in this social network and to deal with this, it has a team or staff that receives complaints , collects them and tries to give an answer based on the problem and that is why this type of service must be used responsibly and seriously, since the improper use of this support damages the attention on real and important problems that can arise someone on twitter and in case it is not clear if something is reportable, it should be discovered and investigated in the twitter support guide.

With that said, we'll look at what's reportable on Twitter and then, how to report someone on Twitter so they've clarified the process.

So what's reportable on Twitter?

Undoubtedly, there is a wide and diverse range of situations or reasons that deserve reporting and, of course, Twitter offers in its general guidelines, the details of each of these. Now, and in a general way, they can be classified into 3 types:

  • Report content and misuse of Twitter

On Twitter, there is a certain freedom to communicate and share content. However, there are some logical boundaries that shouldn't be violated as-is, trademark use, copyright, explicit content, infringing (illegal activity), and misuse of Twitter badges.

  • Report abusive behavior

Freedom of expression and of opposing the truth is always a good and it is a common good which is obviously always welcome. However, when expressing yourself crosses certain boundaries, it is reportable, such as violent threats (direct and indirect), harassment, hateful behavior, serial reporting, publishing private information, identity theft, and self-harm by one or more users.

  • Report as spam

Undoubtedly Twitter cares about the safety and security of its users and that is why some technological abuses and the evil known as spam are not welcome on this social network and therefore the illegal use of usernames (quantity of created accounts, creation of accounts with one or more names that prevent others from using them, creating accounts to sell them and others), spam in invitations, selling usernames, malware and identity theft (phishing), spam in all its spectrum.

How to Report Someone on Twitter

Well, let's get to the practical part of the article, which consists in answering the question graphically: how to report someone on twitter, as such? There are 3 options for filing a complaint and they are as follows:

  • Complaint as a registered user: if you have a Twitter account, then you just need to log into your account and then go to the profile of the user who violated the Twitter community policies and rules and now you need to click on the overflow icon which can be displayed next to the “ followed the followed » (depending on whether you follow it) of the profile you want to report.

Then, a window will appear with various options and they will have to click or press on «Report to @username» in case they are on a desktop computer and press the gear icon (iOS) or the overflow icon (Android) then correctly and clearly select the issue with that twitter user and the complaint can be issued

  • Reporting a Tweet: In case you need to report a tweet, you will need to log into your account and then search for the Tweet you want to report. Once found, the " icon will be pressed v » located at the top of the Tweet (in the iOS and Android app) and if you're on the web, you'll click on the ellipsis icon

Then, «Report Tweets» and after that, the type of issue you want to report will be marked, and in case you select Is offensive or harmful, you will be asked to provide more information. Learn more about this type of complaint Thu.

  • Registered or unregistered user: whether or not you have an account on the Twitter social network and you actually need to report something, you can do it fairly by accessing the Twitter support page where you will be asked to complete a form by ticking or flagging that can help you and then, follow the instructions they offer to file your complaint and Twitter Support can take action on it.

In summary and in general terms, this is it the way to report someone on Twitter and it is recommended, in case of doubt or insecurity, that you clearly read the policies and rules of Twitter as well as the detail of what can be reported where each is subject or point and finally, you are asked to use the reporting service strictly in cases that justify it and not in an unscrupulous way that could make someone have a bad time with their Twitter account.

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