How to watch YouTube videos in slow motion on my mobile

The reason these young entrepreneurs decided to create an alternative website focused on video playback has to do with how difficult it was for people a few decades ago to share media files, especially videos.

Later the idea was liked so much that it became one of the main means of dissemination and communication between users around the world.

YouTube contains information on all possible topics, but it also allows any user who has a Google account on a device to create a “YouTube channel” if you wish, which is basically a blog for creating and sharing content with other people.

How to watch a slow motion YouTube video on my mobile?

How to watch YouTube videos in slow motion on my mobile

The number of users who log into YouTube to watch videos is countless. And more if you understand that what started with the purpose of people posting their videos visiting a tourist site or activities of their daily life has become a "place" in which it is published any amount of content of interest to people of all ages.

YouTube was acquired by Google in mid-2006 for an approximate sum of $ 1,7 billion. And since then the service has been available on any platform that has access to the company's IT services.

Such as in the Google Chrome browser or even belongs to one of the applications available on almost all Android mobile devices.

Due to the continuous requests of users, the services provided by the web portal have evolved to optimize the contents and tools. As well as allowing people to have access to some particular options.

Steps to watch a slow motion YouTube video from my mobile

The tool that YouTube has set up for watching a video in slow motion allows the viewer not to miss any detail of the video that is being played. This option can be used in situations where the recording speed is too fast to be understood by the naked eye.

If we look closely, we can see that right in the lower left corner of a YouTube video's play bar are some options available (yes, the same one where we pause the video or turn up the volume.).

There is an option symbolized by a nut or some sort of gear, which is the section we carry out adjustments manuals to play a video.

By clicking on this section we will find various options, but the one that interests us specifically is the called option "speed".

We must select in this box and choose the type of speed with which we want to observe the video. Click on the different playback speeds: frame rates “Normal” (100), 0.75 frames, 0.50 frames and 0.25 frames. That is, three thirds of the speed, half the speed or even a quarter of the speed.

How to watch YouTube videos in slow motion on my mobile

Other manual adjustment tools

In the same section of the available video settings we can find other available options, such as adjusting the image resolution. This tool can be used in situations where the sharpness of the video is deteriorated.

We can also disable auto play, as it is enabled by default. There is also the option to show video dialogs in the form of subtitles.

Without a doubt, the YouTube platform is one of the most complete platforms in terms of personalization. Since it allows different alternatives with which users can change different aspects of the advanced settings.

But that's not all, because the platform also allows us to carry out other very advantageous actions. For example, share a video in the exact minute that we want or change the playback speed of a video, among other options.

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