How to remove or remove IP ban on Roblox and reactivate my account

It often happens to being banned from a video game, both for actions that we have committed unknowingly, and for acts contrary to the rules imposed by the game, this problem can only occur in games Online type, as in this type of games we interact with players from all over the world, so there should always be rules within the community so that everyone has to play in a calm and respectful way.

Why can I be banned from a game?

While not all online video games have the same rules, there are a number of common reasons for an entertainment platform normally prohibits users, below we will show you a list of the most common reasons why they can ban you:

  • To insult
  • Discrimination
  • Sexualize
  • To bully
  • Use of cheats in the game

It is thanks to these and among other reasons why you can be banned from a game, as in the case of roblox, an online game in which these situations normally occur.

How to remove or remove IP ban on Roblox and reactivate my account

What kind of game is Roblox?

In case you didn't know, Roblox is one of the most popular multiplayer games today, with more than 100 million players active every month, mostly young people and teenagers, who spend hours and hours playing on the server.

Roblox is a multiplayer platform-type video game that you can download to your computer or from any other platform where users have the ability to create their own virtual worlds using the game engine itself known as Roblox studio available for the computer version, and in the same way they can interact with other players and have access to their world

One reality that occurs regularly within Roblox is the constant ban on user accounts, due to performing acts contrary to the rules of this game, or bad vocabulary, if this is your case, no problem, Next we will show how to remove or remove the ban from your Roblox account.

How to remove or remove IP ban on Roblox and reactivate my account

Steps to remove or remove IP ban on Roblox and reactivate an account

The first thing you do before playing on Roblox is to create an account, in order to save your data and have an identity within the community, which it can be blocked when you are banned from the server, in order to reactivate said account and delete the ban there are several methods that can work to complete this action, of which we will show you some below:

Remove the ban by changing your IP address

One of the options faster and easier to remove the ban from your account Roblox is changing your IP address, which is something you can do without much work, you just have to turn off the router or modem for some time and turn it on again, now that no internet for several minutes can cause the assignment of a new IP address to the Router or Modem.

Changing your IP address is something that can work for this purpose as the moment Roblox bans an account, it adds the current IP address that the user has to a " blacklist »So that this IP address is detected again at the moment, the server does not allow access to the game.

Remove the ban using a VPN

Another option you can use to remove the ban from your Roblox account is use a VPN before accessing the game, a VPN is software which basically what it does is hide your IP address by showing a different one to the servers, the numbers the VPN has may vary depending on the country you are in or the internet company you use .

The purpose of this method is to disguise your IP address with a different one so that when we want to access the game we don't come detected by Roblox servers and allow us to log in without problems to be able to play with our account again.

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