What are the best Mario Bros similar games to play on Android and iPhone?

Super Mario Bros is considered to be one of the most important and recognized games in the world of gamers. This iconic title is known all over the planet and it is no exception, since since its inception its history and gameplay have been the most determining factors of its immense success.

This video game has evolved and adapted to each of the times that have passed since its launch in late 1981, still proving to be one of the favorite titles of all players. Nintendo has focused on achieving the Mario image as such and this has achieved it sensationally.

We can say without any doubt that the fame of Mario Bros it is such that many companies have tried to copy the famous game by releasing titles and projects with very similar themes and gameplay, thus making it clear that the achievements that Nintendo has cultivated have been an inspiration for many.

While these games may not have had the incredible fame that Mario Bros has achieved, many deserve to be considered and played, therefore, below we will show you a list of Super Mario Bros-like games available for both Android and iPhone. Stay and find out the details.

What games for Android and iPhone are similar to Super Mario Bros?

As is known, at least until now Nintendo has not released an official version Super Mario Bros. for mobile devices with the exception of the different Super Mario Runs. Therefore, for everyone who loves this pioneering game, we can find some good options in the shops.

The Adventures of Rayman

Outside of the fame that Super Mario Bros has, Rayman Adventures is very well known in the world of gamers, it is considered a cult game and this in the same way that Mario Bros has evolved and changed over the years, thus creating a very more concrete than that of previous times.

What are the best Mario Bros similar games to play on Android and iPhone?

Its history is based on helping Rayman as much as possible to get all those eggs that have been stolen, within this adventure we will be accompanied by a secondary character who will be with us in all these magnificent worlds through which we will have to cross to reach our goal.

The main objective or objective of the game is to find all possible ways to bring the wise and mighty sacred tree back to life, but for them we will have to face a large number of dangers and jokes by arrest in which our main character will be included and will have to take steps to fix it.

You can download this fun game for devices from the official Play Store application and search for it as an APK file from any of the alternative or third-party stores you can find on the Internet, such as Uptodown or APKpure.

More options for Mario Bros. for Android and iPhone 

Lep's world saga

This is a little elf with a green dress and a red hair hat she will have to go through many difficult levels and complicated worlds to reach her main goal. 

The main goal of this Irish leprechaun is to achieve his precious goal, a pot full of gold and all this at the very end of the rainbow.

What are the best Mario Bros similar games to play on Android and iPhone?

This game, just like Mario Bros, is totally developed in 2D, besides that we will have the possibility to get coins, destroy enemies, walk through wooden boxes and much more.

John's nightmare

Despite having very similar gameplay with Super Mario Bros, the theme of this mobile game is a little deeper than the previous titles presented. Our protagonist, known as Giovanny, suffers from a serious problem that torments him, the nightmares.

Its main objective is to fight against these horrible premonitions that appear every night and manage to forget and escape from the darkness that overwhelms and hurts our beloved character. This game has a large variety of dark levels in which we'll have to fight to get out alive.

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