What are the best Roblox games? - Meet the best Tops

This number is truly fascinating and it shows that anyone who uses Roblox will have a hard time trying them all.

That's why if we were to talk about what would be the best Roblox games, it would be a difficult task. Well, an opinion should be based on experience within that number of games.

However, many players today are unaware of the amount of "counting stuff" available to them when choosing a game. What they really do is be influenced by popularity and from the opinion of third parties, who also live within the platform.

And this is how, through both factors, the list of the best creations that other users have managed to add to the Roblox game mode will run, which we can talk about as follows.

The 3 best Roblox games based on their popularity

What are the best Roblox games? - Meet the best Tops

The popularity of a game it is defined by the number of downloads it receives, as well as the number of times it is used by users within the platform. Game you can create easily.

The ones we will mention below are the ones that have received the most demand to date. Be part of the game library of at least the 60% of the community.


Also known as Escape, it is considered to be one of the best Roblox games to be a version that it might remind you of Counter-Strike. This follows the same gameplay methodology, ranking among the best Roblox FPS games.

It basically consists of a prison, where there are two teams: prisoners and police. Under the circumstances, the prisoners manage to escape. To become criminals and cause riots in the city, until the police manage to catch them.

64 robot

If there is one thing that characterizes users, it is the inspiration provided by well-known games. When it comes to Robot 64, it's inspired by Mario Kart, a popular Nintendo 64 game that revolutionized the world a couple of years ago.

The difference between them is that this time the character is an adorable robot that travels the world, with the sole purpose of destroy the sun.


This game is one of the best known to users, who have probably tried it at least once during their time on the platform.

Unlike the other games that make up the Roblox store, MeepCity is not about assigning a task or mission that needs to be done in return. Rather, it functions as a space for social interaction, where they in turn can buy and create their homes.

Its modality is constantly compared to Club Penguin o The Sims. The content is intended for young people who want to have a space to create a life, while interacting with the environment around them.

Best Roblox games based on player reviews

Unlike the list defined above, when talking about the opinions of other people, it should be taken into account that they will generally not have similarity. Well, "each head is a world".

What are the best Roblox games? - Meet the best Tops

However, among the options most mentioned by the various users of the community are games such as " Stop that! Slender "," It works in a pizzeria "," Phantom forces "and" Natural Disaster Survival ".

That's why if you don't know which game to integrate with your platform, you can get one of the ones mentioned above. Or simply define based on your experiences which you consider the best Roblox games.

Thanks to the great variety this store has acquired, you have many options to decide on. It just takes time to enjoy them all.

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