What games similar to Axie Infinity are there? - Comparison

One of the latest trends that we talk about most often are cryptocurrencies, or digital assets or currencies that allow us to carry out any type of transaction without the need to resort to a bank to supervise said transaction. As well as being highly secure thanks to its high level security codes.

New technologies have allowed the management of these cryptocurrencies for the creation of options that use them, as NFT games currently are.

What games similar to Axie Infinity are there? - Comparison

These games use a new technology known as blockchain, which allows you to verify objects in games as "Unique Objects", called also non-fungible tokens which players can use to trade, collect, sell or buy.

Thanks to blockchain-based transfers and the digital value that users create for these tokens, these become a digital asset of the utmost importance and that, with good investment management, can mean in the profit of cryptocurrencies which can then be exchanged into the currency of our country. Some examples of this type of game are:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Plants vs. undead
  • cryptocard
  • cryptoblade
  • Crypto kittens
  • Binamon

Axie Infinity has become very, very popular these days. Find out more about this and other games by reading below.

How does the world of Axie Infinity work?

One of the most popular right now thanks to the large number of players that make it up today and to the companies that are supporting the project such as the giants: Samsung and Ubisoft.

This game it's relatively simple, since we will have our small and round beasts called axies, which can be divided into 9 different classes with special abilities expressed in cards.

The challenge that will be proposed to us in Axie Infinity is divided into 2 modes, the mode Player against Environment, where we will have to fight a series of enemies, across a map in an exciting turn-based combat, where it will be necessary to play our cards right to win.

The second available mode is Player versus Player, in which we will face the aces of other players in the same way as in the mode Player against Environment.

In what currency is each Axie backed?

In the game we have the use of two official currencies, the first is the Axie Infinity Shard (AXS), which is usually used to buy Axies in its market.

The second token that is usually the most common to withdraw money on the platform is the Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which is used in the game to reproduce the axes.

To trade in these currencies we will have to exchange with the Ethereum cryptocurrency, that will act as a basis for the game itself.

Is it easy to change the money won in the game into real money?

What games similar to Axie Infinity are there? - Comparison

One of the difficulties of Axie Infinity was related to the difficulty of making the switch from the SLP currency to the currency national, due to the fact that it was necessary to use wallets or digital wallets that charged commissions that significantly affected the profit obtained from the game.

However, with the popularization of the game and the recent impact of NFT games like Plants vs undead, new trading methods have been created where we can withdraw the Ronin wallet from Axie Infinity on platforms with low fees, which allow us to withdraw money more efficiently.

Approximately how much money can you earn with Axie Infinity?

The winnings in the game will depend on your skill, your strategy, driving and experience and, of course, the value in which the coins are at that moment.

Currently, with a value of 7 cents each SLP to date and an average production of 4050 SLP per month, in the game we can have a net profit of 283 dollars, but the market in these games is quite volatile and can increase its value in a matter of days.

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